White Center Crime Watch: Good Samaritan gets ripped off

Shared with us by Kristine via Facebook:

If you see a 5′ 9″ 150 lb white man with sandy blond hair and bad teeth on a red scooter covered in a lot of duct tape in the West Seattle/Burien area, please call 911. Last night, my neighbor helped this person fix their scooter in his garage when it broke down on the road on our street (18th and 112th). When our neighbor, who is always a good samaritan, went to the gas station to get some gas for the man, the man stole 2 computers from him. Later that night, someone tried to jimmy the locks to the garage, the dogs barking apparently scared him away. We assume it was the same guy. Police report # is 12-251593. My neighbor, David, is literally one of the most kind and generous people on the planet; it breaks my heart that someone would take advantage of him like that. Please spread the word, I’d love to help track down this slimeball.

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