Sound Transit proposes cutting part of its White Center route

This Thursday (October 25th), Sound Transit plans a public meeting/open house inside a bus parked by Westwood Village, to answer questions and provide information about a change that would affect White Center, proposed for Route 560 next year:

Proposed changes to Route 560
• The weekday, peak-only segment of Route 560 between the Alaska Junction and White Center would be eliminated to avoid duplication with King County Metro’s RapidRide C Line.
• The terminus of Route 560 would be moved to Metro’s new transit hub at Westwood Village on SW Barton Street, where the C Line and Metro routes 21, 22, 60 and 120 converge.
• Route 560 service would operate from Westwood Village to Sea-Tac Airport and Bellevue all day, seven days a week.

Tradeoffs: In addition to simplifying Route 560, this change would make connections available to Sea-Tac Airport, Renton, and Bellevue/Overlake from West Seattle all day, seven days a week. However, existing peak period Route 560 passengers with origins and destinations north of Westwood Village would need to connect with Route 560 using frequent RapidRide C Line service or other Metro routes. Current service provides a “one-seat ride” from the West Seattle Junction to the airport and other Route 560 destinations during weekday peak periods, but multiple connections are required at other times of day and on weekends.

You can see a map here – in the online version of an ST newsletter explaining the proposal, which is part of its 2013 Service Implementation Plan. If you’d like to find out more, look for an ST bus parked at 29th and Barton, SW side of Westwood Village, 5-7 pm this Thursday, and that’ll be the site of the open house.

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