Special program coming up for area Parkinson’s Disease Support Group

If you are living with – or helping someone living with – Parkinson’s Disease, a local group is reaching out to you, and inviting you to its next meeting, which is convenient to the White Center area. From Dagmar Cronn:

The South Park Parkinson’s Disease Support Group meets the third Thursdays of each month at 10:00 am. We meet at Arrowhead Gardens, 9220 2nd Ave SW. Our participants are both those with Parkinson’s Disease as well as caregivers and care partners. The programming provides information specific to the disease, which manifests in different symptoms in different patients. The meetings also give the families a chance to talk about the challenges and successes in living with Parkinson’s.

We have a special program on Thursday, October 18. Dr. Susie Ro, a Movement Specialist at Swedish, will be our guest speaker. She will talk about the expansive list of medical support specialists that she and other Neurologists refer Parkinson’s Disease patients to for additional help in controlling and accommadating to symptoms. She will also talk about the differences in care she provides to Parkinson’s patients based on each patient’s personal disease symptoms and progression of the disease.

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