Update: Body found in White Center

(Added: Photos by WCN co-publisher Patrick Sand)
10:49 AM: King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. Cindi West reports a body’s been found in the Mallard Lake area of White Center, near the Coronado Springs Apartments. That’s why you’re seeing a helicopter. We’ll be there shortly.

11:01 AM UPDATE: Co-publisher Patrick Sand has talked with Sgt. West at the scene, where investigators are working right now to find out what happened. The body is female, she says. They got the call about an hour ago.

11:30 AM UPDATE: Sgt. West says the body was found floating in the water. They don’t know for sure yet whether this is a crime, or an accident, and they have no idea about identity/age, either. But Major Crimes investigators are there to do their best to find out. Above, we’ve added video of Sgt. West’s brief interview with WCN.

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6 Responses to “Update: Body found in White Center”

  1. Love that as I sit here thinking, wow, what are those helicopters about, I can look up your news blog and get an answer. Yikes, too close to home. Thanks for covering our neighborhood so great.

  2. Is this the same helicopter that was flying south of 107th last night. There was a helicopter going in a strange circle for like 10 minutes about 9:30 to 10 pm just south of 107th.

  3. We asked Sgt West today. That was not the law enforcement chopper.

  4. There were helicopters circling over the same area (including my house which is just southwest of this area) last night at about 10pm. Is this a different incident?

  5. Any updates? I can’t find any information on any news sources except the West Seattle Blog.

  6. We will be checking with KCSO first thing Monday.