County leaders tell state to hold Waste Management accountable for strike-related problems

Just in from King County:

King County Executive Dow Constantine and King County Councilmember Kathy Lambert today urged the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission (WUTC) to conduct a thorough investigation into missed garbage, yard waste and recycling pickups in the unincorporated areas during a recent strike by haulers who work for Waste Management of Washington, Inc.

“I’m glad that Waste Management and its drivers were able to reach agreement, but we received many complaints from residents about missed pickups,” said Executive Constantine. “I urge the WUTC to conduct a thorough investigation and to use its regulatory authority to ensure that residents and businesses whose collections were disrupted are made whole.”

In separate letters to the WUTC – the governmental entity with legal authority over solid waste collection in unincorporated areas – Executive Constantine and Councilmember Lambert noted that Waste Management is entrusted with the vital public service of garbage, yard waste and recycling collection, and that thousands of residents, including those in unincorporated areas, were left without garbage and recycling pickup.

“It is important for customers in the unincorporated area to understand that King County doesn’t control waste collection services, because the State of Washington has the regulatory authority,” said Councilmember Kathy Lambert, who represents northeast King County areas served by Waste Management.

“We need to work very closely with the state Utilities and Transportation Commission to make sure our unincorporated area citizens have the same protections as those in cities, and that the same accountability measures can be applied to waste haulers. It also is important for those affected by service disruptions to get better information, and they need it right away,” added Lambert.

Drivers represented by Teamsters Local 117 who collect recyclables and food and yard waste, and who are employed by Waste Management, went on strike for eight days beginning July 25. Drivers represented by Teamsters Local 174 who collect garbage honored the picket lines and garbage also went uncollected.

Customers of Waste Management will be able to comment to state regulators at a public meeting Thursday on the impacts of the company’s recent labor dispute on solid waste and recycling collection services.

The WUTC will hear a presentation from the company regarding its strike response strategy at 4 p.m. and will take comments from customers at 5 p.m. on Aug. 9, in the Woodinville City Council Chambers, 17301 133rd Avenue NE, in Woodinville.

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7 Responses to “County leaders tell state to hold Waste Management accountable for strike-related problems”

  1. Kathi Hutsell Says:

    Thursday, Aug 2nd, I put out my very full recycling bin – for pick up by Waste Management. Waste Management didn’t pick it up that day. I called and was told that because the strike had just ended, I would have to wait another week. By this time the recycling bin was spilling out onto the sidewalk because it was so full. So I dragged it all back in to my garage. last night I put it back out again for pick up today. And again it was not picked up. I called WM once more and was told that I was misinformed the last time and that I would have to wait yet another week. I told them I could not wait another week as it was spilling out all over. The gal said there were no drivers available and there was nothing she could do. Then I asked for a credit since it would be an entire month that I did not have pick up. She said there was no way to do that since the cost was included in my regular garbage pick up. I am really angry about this, and it isn’t fair. Is there anything else I can do about it?

  2. Have you called the county executive’s office? If they took the step of making the statement that led to this news release, I would suspect their staff would have some advice, or at least be interested in taking your comment…

  3. Kathi,

    With a recycling bin as full as yours, it would be a mess for the county to clean up, if all a sudden, a strong gust of wind blew the container over out there on the curb awaiting pickup, spreading recyclables around your neighborhood. Rodents might like it though!
    If that is too drastic for you, visit Waste Management in person, if you don’t get anywhere with the county exec’s. first.

  4. Show WM how you feel by putting your cans out backwards.


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  7. Twocentsworth Says:

    Waste Management is governed by the Teamsters. King County Employees are governed by the Teamsters (that’s why you and me are paying for their health benefits, one of the highest in the nation). King County Council APPROVES and BURDENS us to pay for these Health benefits. King County Council is in the same bed with Unions. PLEASE vote out the King County Council members who corrupt our values and vote in those who will advocate for the working person.