Liquor privatization: Another White Center application

We’re continuing to track who’s applying for a license to sell hard liquor, once privatization takes full effect June 1st. The latest to apply: The White Center Bartell Drugs store at 15th/Roxbury put in its application last week, according to the state Liquor Control Board website. The new owners of the White Center Albertsons store, Saar’s, which is about to rebrand it as Super Saver Foods, also are seeking a license to sell hard liquor. And the Walgreens store that’s just over the White Center/West Seattle line at 16th/Roxbury has applied too. As for the current state liquor store in WC, the license to sell liquor there – if a lease can be worked out, among other conditions – remains up for auction, along with the licenses of other state liquor stores, and the bidding is now up to $6,600 (it started at $1,000 minimum).

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