South Delridge drive-up coffee stand becomes ‘Brewlesque Espresso’

We thought the lingerie-espresso fad had pretty much run its course. Apparently not. The Java Joint drive-up shack in South Delridge (aka the West Seattle side of White Center) is now painted pink and has become home to Brewlesque Espresso. The exterior paint was matched by the skimpy outfit worn by the barista on duty, who said the transition happened when the coffee stand at 9435 Delridge Way SW changed hands a few days ago. It’s the only lingerie-espresso stand in the White Center area so far as we know.

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16 Responses to “South Delridge drive-up coffee stand becomes ‘Brewlesque Espresso’”

  1. So trashy! I hope it doesn’t last

  2. Well, now we’re at least as cool as Georgetown…. 3 or 4 have popped up there in the last few months. :/


  3. Lifetime Westsider Says:

    Sweet. What is the address?

  4. Totally awesome, hope it last, where are da pictures?

  5. I remember hearing a story about these places on “The Conversation” with Ross Reynolds on KUOW years ago. They were talking to a ‘barista’ who said something along the lines that it helps make men more comfortable when talking to a woman. I don’t see how “Small Americano please” can be equated with ‘Will you go out for dinner with me?”

  6. It is wonderful to see people taking advantage of the few rights and freedoms we have left. Those who protest these stands have a very simple option…..don’t get your coffee there.

  7. So trashy! I hope it LASTS!

  8. Who cares? I don’t, I make my own coffee. Like Ryan said, don’t like it, don’t go.
    Living the dream, one day at a time!

  9. You have to at least like the twist on the name! As a woman I probably will choose not to visit but I sure did see my nineteen year old sons eyes light up when I told him about the location-my guess he will be taking my dad there soon!I do kind of feel sorry for some of the young girls that will work there because they are still very vulnerable and nieve.

  10. Gross. Just like the area, perfect fit.

  11. Clever name. If the business really does take after its namesake, “burlesque”, you would see less than you would on Alki in the summer.

  12. What I find sad, is how these “coffee stands” perpetuate the idea and stereo-type that women’s bodies are a service to be oogled and displayed…for money.

    Not that I would support the same in a Male form, but how come they don’t have stands called “cocks coffee” with cute guys in thongs or tight jeans? Because women are the tool.

  13. amazing anon Says:

    a bikini coffee stand pops up in my neighborhood and this is the first im hearing of it? i am outraged and disgusted that i didnt know of this sooner. out of my way dudes. im comin to look at some…. uhh i mean…. get me some coffee

  14. GREAT! This could NEVER happen in Burien.
    Please vote “NO” to joining Burien.

  15. “this could NEVER happen in Burien”….? Then I’ll vote “YES” to annexation to Burien.

  16. Carlos Solis Says:

    I went there yesterday they were wearing more clothes than girls on beach wear I will support the business. I think we should all of White Center