North Highline Fire District board meeting tonight

Continued from its regular third-Monday time slot, the North Highline Fire District Board of Commissioners meets tonight, 7 pm, NHFD headquarters. Read on for agenda details:

1.0) Flag Salute
2.0) Agenda Approval
3.0) Elect Board Officers
4.0) Consent Agenda
Minutes from December 22, 2011 regular meeting Expense fund vouchers 01001 to 01089 in the amount of $469,003.81
5.0) Correspondence
6.0) Public Comment
7.0) Commissioners’ Report
8.0) Local #1810 Report
9.0) Financial Reports

Chief’s Report
Attorney’s Report
Unfinished Business
11.1) Local 1810 Contract
New Business
12.1) CBT/CME Training Contract 12.2) Surplus Station 19 Weight Machine Executive Session
Good of the Order

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