Woman hit by bus, but not seriously hurt

(Photo by Deanie Schwarz for WCN/WSB)
As first reported on partner site West Seattle Blog: The Roxbury/Delridge/15th intersection was closed for a short time tonight after a bus hit a woman. The response by Seattle Fire and Police was initially major because the woman was reported to be trapped under the bus, but it was determined that she was not trapped after all. She was taken to the hospital but not reported to have serious injuries. The intersection is open again now (as we publish this at 9:34 pm).

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2 Responses to “Woman hit by bus, but not seriously hurt”

  1. ive almost been hit by a bus just a few blocks away from there. he ran a stop sign when i was riding my motorcycle.

  2. I dont live in seattle anymore. but i was wondering what the news was saying about this? I dont see anything online but here.
    Was the bus driver drinking?