King County Sheriff’s Office names new White Center storefront deputy

The King County Sheriff’s Office has announced its appointment for the restored White Center storefront deputy position. North Highline Unincorporated Area Council president Barbara Dobkin says NHUAC has received notification in a letter that includes this:

After a thorough review of the results of our storefront deputy selection process, and an in-depth discussion with my command staff, I have selected Deputy Benjamin (BJ) Myers for the storefront position. Dep. Myers comes from this precinct area and is very familiar with White Center. We will ask for time to introduce him at the November meeting. We have permission to move this selection along very quickly, so he should be on the job next week.

At last week’s NHUAC meeting, KCSO Captain Joseph Hodgson had said there were six candidates for the job, including the deputy that held it before it was eliminated, Jeff Hancock. County leaders had announced in late August that the storefront-deputy position would be restored.

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6 Responses to “King County Sheriff’s Office names new White Center storefront deputy”

  1. Welcome to the White Center Storefront, BJ!

  2. smokeycretin9 Says:

    Awesome! Welcome.

  3. Thanks Gill and smokey! I look forward to starting the job and getting to know the neighborhood. Thanks also to WCN for giving the Storefront such in-depth coverage!

  4. highlandpark Says:

    Great news to have a sheriff back in that spot. Welcome Deputy Myers!

  5. Welcome Deputy Myers, so nice to have you as part of our community in WC :)

  6. Look forward to meeting you!