Bank of America says Village Green Perennial Nursery’s Vera Johnson will get mortgage modification

(WCN/WSB video added 7:20 pm)
(Cross-posted from partner site West Seattle Blog at 3:27 pm): Looks like tonight’s support rally will turn into a victory celebration. Just received from Bank of America, and confirmed by someone who answered the phone at Village Green Perennial Nursery (Vera was not available):

I wanted to make you aware of a final decision in regards to Vera Johnson’s mortgage modification.

As soon as we learned of Vera Johnson’s concerns, Bank of America employees at our Seattle Customer Assistance Center began working closely with her to understand her financial situation and collect the necessary paperwork. Based on the financial documents she provided and some last minute issues we identified and were able to help her resolve, Fannie Mae extended to Ms. Johnson a permanent modification.

We are pleased to be able to offer her this permanent modification that should allow her to stay in her home and keep her business.

Britney W. Sheehan
Media Relations

Again, as previewed on WSB this morning, the 5-9 pm event is at Big Al Brewing, 9832 14th SW in White Center.

ADDED 7:20 PM: We talked briefly with Vera toward the start of tonight’s event – she stresses that she hasn’t seen the documents yet; the video is now atop this story.

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