Update: Emergency moratorium on dance/entertainment clubs wins unanimous County Council approval

2:26 PM: We’re at the King County Courthouse, where we’ve just talked with County Councilmember Joe McDermott, minutes after his fellow councilmembers unanimously approved his proposed emergency moratorium on dance/entertainment clubs – which will immediately affect the application for a business license at the former Club Evo/proposed Club Reventón. (The moratorium ordinance was first reported here on WCN last week; we also reported the business-license applications, along with a liquor-license application for a club of the same name on East Marginal Way South. )

The vote means that a one-year moratorium takes effect immediately, no changes unless something major happens when they hold a required “progress report” type public hearing within 60 days. No councilmembers expressed concerns before today’s vote, which happened relatively quickly after Councilmember McDermott explained the situation looming in WC. We’ll be seeking comment from the would-be Club Reventón operators and will add anything we find out.

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4 Responses to “Update: Emergency moratorium on dance/entertainment clubs wins unanimous County Council approval”

  1. Thank you, Joe McDermott, for looking out for the citizens of White Center. I cannot believe that the owners of the former Club Evo thought we were so dumb in thinking that we would buy his load of bologna that the “new club” would be so much different. White Center will be a better place without Club Evo.

  2. smokeycretin9 Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  3. THANK YOU Joe McDermott – that is why i am voting for you! – White Center does not need a “New Club problem” – what they need to do is put something else there – ANYTHING else…..

  4. new ideas for the space i have heard thru the grapevine several 1.Strip club 2.Casino 3. Another medical marijuana dispens….. And i dont think he thinks any of u r idiots i also here though that this is exactly what he was hoping for and certian legal action has been under way for awhile. This just puts him one step closer. He could always turn it in to a place for homless peeps to dwell and sleep i think white center needs a place to support the local homeless open to them 24 hr a day sounds good to me…… I really wish i knew what way this would go i like sitting back and watching everyone. If ya know the right peeps u get good info and boy do i got info….. I can see it actually i think it fits nicely “live nude girls” and after everyone was all hot and bothered off ta stans for some toys and next door for a bowl of mj. Plent of time to go drink to. This is all very amusing to me. I will find out a bit more about the law suits. And i will keep everyone informed of what i know……