County Councilmember McDermott proposes moratorium on new dance clubs in White Center/North Highline

White Center’s King County Councilmember Joe McDermott says he’s just introduced a proposal that could in effect put the proposed Club Reventón – in the ex-Club Evo site – on hold for at least a year. (As first reported here earlier this week, business-license applications for the club are now pending.)

He says it seeks a moratorium on dance-club-type establishments in the WC area because they “have been a detriment to the business climate and business community, causing concerns about public safety in an economically challenged neighborhood that’s trying to develop.”

McDermott tells WCN he’s “well aware of the concerns that people in White Center and North Highline have voiced about (the former Club Evo),” and that he doesn’t “believe that a similar establishment would be constructive to the neighborhood.” Councilmember McDermott says the Monday meeting – 1:30 pm in County Council chambers at the courthouse downtown – won’t have public comment, but a public hearing will be required within 60 days to determine if a full one-year moratorium can be put in place.

The proposal is already in the online system, and reads:

AN ORDINANCE declaring a one-year moratorium on the issuance of public amusement/entertainment licenses required under K.C.C. 6.08.020 for any new music and dance entertainment venues and precluding the establishment of any such venues within the commercial zoned land of North Highline subject to the economic redevelopment special district overlay authorized by K.C.C. 21A.38.090; directing the executive to review the impacts of establishments that operate under such licenses upon the commercial viability of the commercial zoned land within the economic redevelopment special district overlay; and further directing the executive to submit recommendations to preserve or strengthen the commercial viability of these commercial zoned lands for council review and approval; adding a new section to K.C.C. chapter 21A.06; and declaring an emergency.

We expect Club Evo/Reventón to be a topic of discussion at tonight’s White Center/South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting and will have an update later.

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One Response to “County Councilmember McDermott proposes moratorium on new dance clubs in White Center/North Highline”

  1. I’m not purporting a disagreement with Mr. McDermotts proposal to in effect create a moratorium on dance clubs in White Center for a specified period of time, in hopes of making White Center a safer place.
    My concern is the ability or right of a person to operate a business of his/her choosing whether it be a dance club or a food store.
    If i recall correctly, one of the owners/partners of Club Reventon, is an attorney (from Ca?). Can King County afford the possibility of a long drawn out court battle to address the issue of constitutionality or a right of a person to own and operate a business if done so with in the confines of current law? Should there be discrimination against certain businesses in the White Center area and not others?

    I’m all for the safety and welfare of White Center and its residents but I don’t feel a moratorium on dance halls is the answer to the current crime problem in White Center.

    Public involvement/volunteers for the KCSO would be a starting off point. If problems are noted by volunteers on patrol that need sporadic police assistance, then the volunteers should be in close contact for an officer(s) response/support.

    Zero tolerance from (all)business owners.

    Police enforcement that is allowed and expected by the citizenry to do its job to the fullest extent of the law, which in turn would send a message to bar-room sweeps that “if you act illegally in W/C, get caught/arrested you WILL be taken to jail and prosecuted for the crime(s) you committed.”