Volunteers brighten up prominent White Center corner

(Photo courtesy White Center Community Development Association, used with permission)
Next time you’re at 16th and Roxbury, take a close look and appreciate the freshened-up planting areas! Nhan Nguyen of the White Center Community Development Association shared the news today that a small group went out on Sunday to beautify the corner. He says that nearby Pho Lynna and Decoraciones Ely have ” volunteered to take care of regular watering.” The planting, according to Nhan, was led by Erika and Clark from Community Harvest of Southwest Seattle and WCCDA member Judy.

Want to be part of an occasional “mini-cleanup” in the business district? WCCDA would love to hear from you – and Nhan says they’ll supply the trash bags, trash pickers, and gloves!

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3 Responses to “Volunteers brighten up prominent White Center corner”

  1. Noticed the flowers today when out for our daily walk. Very nice indeed.

  2. Now they need to go down to the south end cornner and clean that one up. Then keep sweeping back north. They’ers alot of scum on the west side of that street. But way to go. Its people like you guys that keep the hope alive that WC will some day schine like it once did

  3. i think that the corners look very nice. And i dont see much scum on just the west side…. But good one your funny…