White Center shootout (of sorts) leaves one hurt; gun, drugs found

Here’s what the overnight police presence in downtown White Center was all about. From King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. John Urquhart:

Two men apparently shooting at each other last night (June 21st) left one man injured and no one under arrest. One gun was recovered however.

The incident occurred just after 10:00 PM. A 25 year-old man was at Papa’s Pub … He reportedly went out outside to have a smoke. There was an altercation, shots were fired, and he was hit at least once. He ran to a nearby minimart, bleeding profusely. Police were called.

Reports from witnesses say two men were shooting at each as they ran down the street. However it is unclear if the injured man was one of the shooters or an uninvolved bystander.

Sheriff’s deputies found a semiautomatic handgun in a dumpster near the shooting scene.

The injured man was taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment, during which suspected rock cocaine was pulled from his rectum.

There have been no arrests and the investigation is continuing.

3:38 PM NOTE: As pointed out in comments, the original KCSO news release had an erroneous address for the pub. The address at 15th and Roxbury was actually the minimart to which the victim ran. We have taken out the erroneous address reference above and replaced it with ellipses.

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14 Responses to “White Center shootout (of sorts) leaves one hurt; gun, drugs found”

  1. Papas has become a crack house. The owner of the bar will sit out front and joke around with the drug dealers while another group is running a dice game in the back.

    This is a good link to file complaints.

  2. Here we go again!…Back to Normal. Are the police gonna finally do the right thing? or is this what they want? Dont make sense.

  3. The address is published above as “1505 SW Roxbury” when the address for Papa’s Pub is really 9635 16th Ave SW. Maybe Sgt. John Urquhart’s report is in error?

  4. I will check with him. There was an initial report of a shooting at 15th & Roxbury, so maybe that’s actually where they found the victim. I should have noticed the address because certainly PP is on 16th, not Roxbury. – TR

  5. Yup, that’s what he says. Shooting occurred at the described location, then the victim ran to the 15th/Roxbury minimart.

  6. Bummer.

  7. Thank you King County. Thank you KSCO. We insisted that maintaining a Storefront Deputy was a need. The presence of a Storefront Deputy curbs this type of violence. KCC cut KCSO’s budget leaving us unincorporated areas in jeopardy. KCSO cuts back our Deputy’s. Is it going to take a few murders on the street to understand the need of a Storefront Deputy? Innocent bystanders shot dead by stray bullets, unknowingly in the middle of gangster drug war? Deputy’s are at risk too. A shoot out occurs in WC after stepping out of a bar???… packing guns in select bars on that street is common these days. KCSO Admin. knows damn well what’s going on down there on those streets. WITHOUT THE CONSISTENCY OF A STOREFRONT DEPUTY, IT IS GOING TO GET WORSE.

  8. Has crime in W.C. gotten so common the KCSO can’t keep up with the demand, or
    Does KCSO need to run a more efficient operation sweeping up the streets in W.C. using deputies and back-up personnel to its best advantage?

  9. Contact our political leaders in King County as well as at the state level demanding better protection which will require more money for the KC Sheriff’s Office. As pointed out in the White Center-South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting last night the Sheriff’s office depends on funding from the King County Council and lacks funds for responding to all kinds of issues in downtown. Therefore, if you care about what is happening in White Center write and call to get action. It is the same as always: the squeaky wheel get the oil.

  10. I heard that the shooting victim had died. Is this true or just rumor?

  11. Any up date on the shooting? any ar esst? What condition is the victim in? Was this gang related ? Do we need to worry that the shooter is still around? Was this a random Shooting? Anyblame put on papas pub? Have the police steped up patrols in the area? Is there another blog that mite have these answeres?

  12. Short answers, no, and don’t know. Some of these questions are unanswerable, particularly the victim’s condition – without a name, no way to tell, whether journalist or not, you can’t just call the hospital and ask about “the guy shot the other night” – tough privacy laws kicked in several years ago. – Tracy

  13. Hey “JW” we all know you’re JOHN WILSON from the Liquor Board. You j=know how to shut down good people and dont do anything to the bad. and you like dressing like a Cop. Believe me…We all know who you and your great crew are. Just leave us all alone…OK? no body wants your 2 cents here.

  14. Gary, the crime is so common. If you are a drug dealer, prostitute, or beating the hell out of someone, you are golden on those streets and have a green light. Perfect example last night. Two individuals brawling inside a pub on 16th to which it was carried outside, as one of the individuals was beating the hell out of the other with a pool stick, two Deputies got out of their cars and told them to stop it, and break it up. No arrest’s were made and the Deputies left. Amazing. But not really.
    Those types of incident’s occur far too often and when I say often, I mean at least 3 times a day!

    It would be really nice if some KCSO Deputies actually put some, even a little effort into being proactive in WC instead of standing around passing out cigarettes to the homeless, watching drug deals go on right infront of them and then making statements like they’re just collecting a paycheck!

    Don’t get me wrong, there are some outstanding Deputies that are proactive that do patrol in WC, but when you have just even one with a negative outlook projecting it verbally and physically throughout the WC core…it set’s the ball rolling downhill with an attitude of “we can do what we want”, cause if a uniformed Deputy displays he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what goes on – on those streets, why should they!