Next weekend: June 18th’s White Center Art Walk lineup

Next Saturday, wander White Center and immerse yourself in art. Here’s the lineup announcement:

White Center 3rd Saturday Art Walk
June 18th, 2011 6 PM to 9 PM

In case you haven’t been doused in the awesomeness that is the June theme for White Center Art Walk, let me assist. White Center had a baby and that baby is called the WCAW -Film Festival ! (3) Locations. (3) Different times. (1) Great theme.

Big Al Brewing, Full Tilt Ice Cream & Southgate Roller Rink will be showcasing local work within varying categories. Animation, music videos, power pieces, light pieces, dark pieces, etc. Do some walking- it’s good for your heart.

Company (9608 16th SW): Rich Lehl- – Oil on Panel- Realism meets a thick sense of humor; playful paintings that highlight a moment in time that may just make you go Hmmmm (Thank you C&C Music Factory!). Wine specials till 10pm. Stop in and talk at the bartender- they like that.

Dubsea (9910 8th Ave SW): Amanda Kay Helmick- – Recycled-Found-Material— I would categorize this as Organic & Industrial. Well executed and clean. Amanda rips, alters, sews, paints and combines found objects. Metal, wood, canvas, paint, and other randoms are manipulated into bold, chunky and meaty representations of temptation. Are we all logged on? Because there’s freaking delicious coffee to go with it. Don’t miss this and if you do, don’t tell your mom because she WILL put you in time out.

Big Al Brewing (9832 14th Avenue SW): Dave Ryan- – Hand Painted Records. If you’ve never run into Dave’s work around town, I’d be highly surprised. I’m pretty sure there may be more than one of him since he’s at any and all of the fun festivals and still manages to hang his artwork at a smattering of Seattle venues. Stenciled-Vinyl-Records with all the images you love to laugh at, hug & dance with. The Dude? On a record? In his bathrobe? Yes, please.

Salvadorean Bakery (1719 SW Roxbury): Amy Bradley- -Photography. Amy works with many
different mediums but will be showcasing her photography for this artwalk. She uses different techniques in Photoshop to enhance her original photographs. Specials?! YES! Salvadorean will have TWO fantastic specials during artwalk:
1 – A pupusa & tamale of your choice serve with rice & beans.for only $6.95
2- pastelitos de carne; pork filled corn tortilla enpañada, deep fried, served with our special pickle cabbage & salsa. garnished with tomato, radish, & cucumber. $ 5.99 Summer FOOD? ART? AFFORDABLE? Ummm- yes.

Café Rozella (9434 Delridge Way SW): Renee Bacino & Leticia Martinez –
Landscape Photography, Paintings & Sketches. Leticia Martinez will be joining Renee Bacino this month with some of her motion-filled sketches. Come enjoy a slice of Organic Carrot Cake and suck up the homey, feet-up, chatty feel that Rozella never fails to deliver.

Dzul Tattoo (9622-B 16th Ave SW): Katie & Alex- Black & White Photography. Drop in for funky grooves and an eye-full of new body ink. Updated B&W photos of the newest generation of ink, dripping with permanence. This shop has spirit and enough eye-candy to chew on for days.

3.14 Bakery (9602 16th Ave SW): Amara Kopakova – – Acrylic Paintings- Moody, organic paintings that keep your eye moving. Kopakova is no foreigner to keeping your attention. Subject matter? People…or not…or landscape…or abstract… Wait, what was the question? Have you had a pastry on a stick yet? You should do that. Then write a strongly worded letter about it.

Full Tilt Ice Cream (9629 16th Ave SW): Some Guy- With Some Stuff- And Some Things- If I could post Justin’s personal phone number in this location, I would insist that you call and ask him about what’s going on the walls; but I can’t, so I won’t. As a result, you must trudge in, force-feed yourself delicious ice cream, drink a beer, play some skeeball and check out the walls on your own. Just so you know, we’re proud of you.

Proletariat Pizza – (9622-A 16th Ave SW)- Megan Thorberg-– Stipple-ing Stippler- Stipple much? These pieces are awesome. They are colorful, vibrant and confined into fun shapes. The subject matter is light, the design factor is consistent, and you can totally tell she loves making these. Have you had the Ham & Egg yet? If you just answered ‘no’, shame on you.

WELCOMING!!! Herban Legends!
Herban Legends (Medical Marijuana Dispensary)- (9619 16th Ave SW)- Group Show!- These guys are showcasing some of the Northwest’s finest artists: Jenna Colby, Brendan Lenburg, Jeremy Orsben, Lawrence Seward, Matthew Carson – Possibly Sarah Bareck. Live Grooves from DJ BioFunk? Only if you’re lucky. Mind your P’s & Q’s – the art is worth drooling over. No seriously, bring a napkin.

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