Regional TV picks up on Zippy’s White Center move

In case you missed it – longtime KING 5 reporter Jim Forman followed up last night on our Thursday night story about Zippy’s Giant Burgers, wildly popular in West Seattle’s Highland Park neighborhood, moving to White Center this spring. You can watch the full story above (including Zippy’s proprietor mentioning the newly coined nickname SoRo – south of Roxbury!).

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4 Responses to “Regional TV picks up on Zippy’s White Center move”

  1. Welcome to the Hood Zippy’s
    We are so happy to have you


    Cafe Rozella’s

  2. For White Center, I prefer the nickname, “BoRo”. (Both sides of Roxbury)

  3. Let’s vote to join Seattle!

  4. Let’s not vote to join Seattle!