Zippy’s Giant Burgers moving to White Center

(Crossposted – with a few amendments – from partner site West Seattle Blog)

(Photos by Deanie Schwarz for WSB/WCN)
Earlier this week, Zippy’s Giant Burgers said it would likely have news of a new location by the end of the week, since the foreclosure mess at its original Highland Park location didn’t seem likely to result in a continued lease, or purchase, of the building – and tonight, White Center Now/West Seattle Blog contributor Deanie Schwarz has just confirmed with Zippy’s ownership that the new location is finalized: A long-empty restaurant spot on the northern edge of White Center. 9614 14th Avenue SW (map), right behind the Roxbury Bartell Drugs, about a block and a half north of Big Al Brewing.

Blaine Cook from Zippy’s explains that among other things, staying at the current location would have meant triple the current rent. As for other possibilities around West Seattle and White Center, it would have cost too much for the “buildout” at other locations they explored. Staying in this area was important, since of their 11 employees, all but two live in West Seattle or White Center. It’s a three-year lease with two options for five-year extensions. It’s a lot bigger than the current location – 1,600 square feet, with room for up to 60 people to sit down. That means they might eventually expand their menu – breakfast is a possibility.

This also means:

–They can accept credit cards
–They’ll cut their own fries
–They’ll seek a license to offer beer

They’re hoping to open in late April or early May, with minimal downtime for a moveout from Highland Park before their lease expires on April 19th. The White Center site is truly turnkey, Cook says – some floor work and “kitchen tweaks” are needed, plus permits. But overall, he says, “We are stoked!” They’re looking forward to being part of White Center’s ongoing renaissance. And remember the term SoRo – South of Roxbury – if it catches on, he’s the one who made it up!

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7 Responses to “Zippy’s Giant Burgers moving to White Center”

  1. Badass!!! That is all awesome news!!!

  2. Welcome to the WC!!!! You will be much loved here!!!

  3. Hurrah Zippy’s!!!

  4. Right on!!!!! :)
    Rozella’s with there Serious Coffee & pastries
    Pho 88/ Noodles and Sandwich’s
    El Paisano Rosticeria ,Roasted chicken
    Taco truck /carne asada tacos
    Proletariat Pizza /Margherita Pizza
    and now
    We have the best in the world we are so lucky
    :) :) :) :)

  5. LR, You forgot to mention whitecenter pizza, The aisain food at roxbury lanes, the low price drinks at majic lanes,and the fried chicken at albertsons. But you are right that white center is the place to eat, oh and fultit icecream,cheese steaks at the triangle tavern.

  6. Oh Ya thanks FOY BOY I just got so excited !!!!!!!!!!
    Sweet little Zippy’s we have it all :) :) :)

  7. Don’t forget Pho My Loi, across from Albertson. The owner is friedly and the soup is really good. There’s also Vietnamese take out at the new grocery store across from Dollar Tree. White Center is a great place to shop and eat.