Drug-disposal discussion at White Center Community Safety Coalition

From last night’s White Center Community Safety Coalition meeting: Will Perry from King County Public Health told the group about getting rid of unused drugs instead of leaving them around the house. What you see above is the demonstration box he takes around during presentations – it’s similar to the one used where this program is in place. The program has three points of emphasis, he explained: Keeping the environment free of drug pollution (which happens if they are flushed or poured down drains, since the water-treatment system can’t excise the chemicals, or if they are thrown away, since landfill decomposition puts the chemicals into the environment); preventing abuse, especially important if the unused drugs are narcotics or stimulants; third, poison control, to keep the unused drugs away from babies and toddlers.

Right now, he explained, the county works with Group Health and Bartell Drugs – both of those companies’ Burien branches can take in unused drugs for disposal. However, they can’t accept narcotics; those can only be taken to sites in east and southeast King County that are overseen by law enforcement. The disposal laws are changing, Perry said, but the details haven’t been finalized yet.

More info on the drug-disposal issue? Go here.

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