Update: New county budget calls for studying the possibility of ending Unincorporated Area Councils

As noted here earlier today, questions have been going around regarding the new King County Budget and its effect on Unincorporated Area Councils, including the North Highline UAC, which represents White Center and other surrounding communities. Since KC Executive Dow Constantine never did get to the full answer during his KUOW appearance this morning, we pursued it this afternoon. Here’s what actually happened: A budget amendment proposed by and approved by the County Council – not initiated by the KCE – cuts funding for two county positions that supported the six Unincorporated Area Councils. So now, the county has to figure out what to do next.

County Council spokesperson Al Sanders reiterates, “The budget DID NOT disband the UACs. It did call for a study to investigate the possibility of combining the 6 UACs into one committee and to present those findings to the Council.” (Page 16 of the full budget document appears a little more vehement in this directive.)

KCE spokesperson Frank Abe tells WCN, “We will be working with the UAC’s on a new strategy for urban and rural unincorporated areas to make sure that residents continue to have access to county government and customer service that meets their needs. Those are primary goals of our countywide strategic plan, and for this administration. We will keep you posted as that work develops.”

The next NHUAC meeting would be Thursday, December 2nd; we’ll see if this turns up on the agenda then.


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