34th District Democrats: Burien councilmember advocates for White Center (etc.) annexation

We’re at the 34th District Democrats‘ monthly meeting in West Seattle’s Fauntleroy neighborhood, on behalf of White Center Now and partner site West Seattle Blog, and Burien City Councilmember Brian Bennett – toddler daughter in arms – is currently speaking to the group. Among the topics he’s touched on: Annexation of the rest of North Highline, including White Center. Bennett told the group he feels that “North Highline has the potential to be one of the most thriving, dynamic communities in our region, and they need strong representation – we need to make sure they get that. Personally, I favor giving them the opportunity to join Burien … I think they would have a strong voice, and that we can provide strong services to them … but we’re going to have to provide a strong voice (in making that happen).” (Bennett says he grew up on what is currently the line between North Burien and the remaining unincorporated area.) Currently Seattle is on a not-too-fast-track to pursuing a possible annexation vote next year; Burien considered fast-tracking one some months back, but ultimately pulled back.

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7 Responses to “34th District Democrats: Burien councilmember advocates for White Center (etc.) annexation”

  1. NO-NO!

    We North Highliners want a chance to VOTE on
    whether we would like to JOIN SEATTLE,
    before we vote on whether or not to join Burien.

    p.s.- It would be nice to have a chance to
    vote to join Tukwila.

  2. Kudos to Burien Councilmember Bennett – he couldn’t be more correct! Our potential can be realized as part of Burien.

    In Seattle, we’d be another south end neighborhood neglected in favor of affluence. If anyone needs proof of that, take a ride down the hill and take a good, long look at the South Park Bridge and talk to the business owners.

  3. No-No, Tukwila isn’t interested. That’s been made very clear.

    Any vote should be an educted vote. Here are some facts:

    1) Seattle has suffered from a shortage of police officers for years. Since Seattle doesn’t have enough officers to meet the needs of its current residents and businesses, how will it guarantee our public safety?

    2) The state of Seattle’s Fire Department is also a major concern. Seattle’s worst fire fatality in 40 years happened only a month ago. Five people died. The first fire truck at the scene couldn’t pump water. Another truck lost a hose on the way to the scene. The firefighers from that truck had another hose, went into the building and found the bodies. Additional information about this tragedy and the Seattle Fire Department’s problems in dealing with it can be found in numerous articles on line.

    3) Seattle has NO history of supporting south end communities. (If you doubt this, go to South Park or Southeast Seattle and talk to people there.)

    4) Seattle has NOT met the promises it made to areas that were annexed 50 years ago. Northend neighborhoods were promised sidewalks 50 years ago and still don’t have them.

    5) In Seattle, we’d be a sliver of a population of over 600,000 people – and have NO voice.

    No-No To Seattle!

  4. Just a reminder of the efficiency of the Burien city management – Mike Martin, Burien City Manager, brought a letter of thanks to the last North Highline Unincorporated Council meeting, from a newly annexed Burien resident regarding the resolution of several problem properties. This resident had tried for several years to have King County address the issues with buildings that were abandoned, burned out, and trouble spots. The resident praised Burien code enforcement for taking care of the these properties (they were torn down and the property cleared)within 2 months of the Burien annexation. The resident noted that Burien was able to accomplish in 2 months what King County could not accomplish in 2 years.
    Would Seattle be any more efficient than king county on these issues? Just take a look at many of the problem properties that line Delridge for your answer –

  5. I’ve seen over the years exactly how Seattle City Government has interacted with its neighborhoods. Some neighborhoods you see positive interactions and some not at all, nothing. Watching the neglect of many neighborhoods and lack of even recognizing some is very sad. It’s not hard to figure out when you take a good look around that Seattle City Government caters to the wealthier communities of its city. South Park just had its heart pulled out without any options of life support – hence, the bridge. Where is the Great City of Seattle Government now? Helping its resident’s and businesses cope? Are they sitting back in their offices watching the views of Seattle’s sky lines with their legs kicked up while business’s after business’s slowly shut down? Where is the grand old neighborhood group program that Seattle City Government spends so much money on? Did Seattle help South Park families and small businesses? Nah, Seattle City Government is far too busy focusing on the new tunnel to replace the viaduct and revitalizing the Lake Union area, just too mention a few. Hell, they should rename Lake Union Area to Paul Allen. No offense Paul. Seattle has so many tower cranes in the air all over the entire city that they are becoming permanent mobile fixtures in themselves. No tower cranes exist in South Park where they are actually needed to help the community live. What’s that picture view tell you?
    Seattle City Government = Screw you, don’t ask, I’m busy building, your pockets aren’t deep enough, and I don’t really give a crap about you type of an attitude, you’re dismissed!
    I believe its called “GREED”, the greed to be the biggest, the best, and the prettiest city with the most density, all while trying to climb that social latter in the nation with the, hey look at me, look what I can do attitude! You can see it all too clearly regardless. Yes Seattle City Government, actions do still speak louder than words. Annexation to the Great City of Seattle really? No way!

  6. Kudos to Brian Bennet for his stand on annexation. I was lucky enough to be in the first annexation and I have been extremely pleased with the transition from North Highline to North Burien. I wish more citizens who were lucky enough to be annexed would speak up so the people in the Unincorporated Area would see that Burien is the logical choice. Seattle is facing very serious budget deficits that are not going to get any better any time soon. If the people who think that Seattle would not spread this tax debt to a newly annexed area, they are sadly mistaken. Thank you NHUAC for your work on getting the word out to the citizens and thank you Liz Giba and crew for you work on this very important issue.

  7. Greg,
    NHUAC does not engage in political positions so I’m not sure what you ment by your comment. NHUAC has in the past informed resident’s of studies conducted, if that’s what you ment.