White Center food: New bakery moving in along 16th SW

In the spirit of Full Tilt and Proletariat – the latest entry in the creative-name-for-White-Center-food-business department! Thanks to Deanie for that photo of the new sign that’s gone up for the upcoming 3.14 Bakery, next to Pho 54 on the east side of 16th SW just south of Roxbury, formerly home to Sokha. The bakery operators have been updating their progress on Facebook (here’s their page).


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2 Responses to “White Center food: New bakery moving in along 16th SW”

  1. Hope we don’t have to wait until March 14th for them to open!

  2. Sheila Drovetto Says:

    Since I have lived in White Center for over 50 years, and am a third generation White Centerian, I remember a lot of the old businesses. Mode’O Day was a dress shop on 16th,a movie theater,and Rexall Drugs, with a soda fountain. Next door was Schau’s Bakery, which would have been almost directly across the street from 3.14 Bakery.

    Omar Schau opened the bakery in the 30’s or early 40’s and made a very good living. It was the only bakery in the south end at that time. He was Norwegian, and lived up to the reputation as an excellent baker.

    He went on to become a prominent business man in White Center, buying up property, and starting Guaranty Nat’l Bank, along with other investors, the first bank in White Center. My mom worked there as a teller, and filed their first few accounts in a shoebox.

    I think this is a good sign for 3.14! It sort of seems like a rebirth for W.C., and I think it will follow in Schau’s successful footsteps!