King County Fire Marshal posts Evo as “DO NOT OCCUPY”

Thanks to Stefanie at White Center’s celebrated Proletariat Pizza for the tip and the photo – The King County Fire Marshal posted that big green DO NOT OCCUPY notice at Evo, formerly Evolucion, today. We got word of this after 4:30 pm and tried half a dozen different county offices – all of which had already shut down, in most cases with the voice mail saying to call back Tuesday (or later). However, as noted earlier, tonight happens to be the White Center/South Delridge Community Safety Coalition meeting, at which the former Evolucion has been a topic of discussion many a time, so we hope to find out more within a few hours. (The notice mentions a violation of the International Fire Code, but we’re having trouble finding the section it appears to cross-reference.) 7:13 PM UPDATE: 1st word from the meeting is that the violation reportedly involves sprinklers that aren’t hooked up, while alleged occupancy violations remain under investigation.

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6 Responses to “King County Fire Marshal posts Evo as “DO NOT OCCUPY””

  1. Christopher Says:

    “Polite racism” raises it’s ugly head, again. Yep, there, I said it (points at albatross in room). Designed to aggravate, annoy, and humiliate the mostly Hispanic patrons of this establishment, right before the holiday…

  2. the notice is still up

  3. Pat Price Says:

    This business was open on the recent weekend, even though the posting was still there “Do Not Occupy” for NOT having their Sprinkler System hooked up to any water supply.
    If you are interested in Safety, please email or call the County Fire Marshal’s office to ask WHY they can work around the laws like this: or 206-296-6784

  4. Polite racism?
    Hmmm, seems to me by the photos on evo’s myspace, it presents a very diverse clientelle shown. White, African American, and Latino.

    Sprinklers were also a requirement of the new business going in on 16th called the hang around, they failed to do so and are no longer able to do business there.

  5. First of all Pat, we were not open. We had our doors open and NO ONE was allowed in. There was no music playing and there were workers inside doing some work. Its sad also that KCFM decided to do this AT 4pm so we had no chance to talk to them about this and made it impossible to open that day losing thosands of dollars to A LEGIT business here in white center. Its also sad that those of the community can’t get facts straight and only hear what they want to hear when it comes to the club. Have you personally been there? Do you see or know what goes on there?

    Mikel you are correct we are very diverse in clientelle. Its funny you should mention that requirement. We have an agreement with the KCFM and are approved to do business there as we choose. And Sprinklers are being installed as we speak.

    Funny I had a conversation with a deputy last night mentioning stuff about Petitions and protests. I think this is laughable. Seriously. Don’t people have jobs? They have no other important things to do than bother a business that is open 2-3 days a week?

    If you care about Safety?? No it should be if you care to attempt to make a rediculous phone call or email that will mean nothing do so.

  6. One more thing. Mikel Christopher was correct when he pointed out that we are MOSTLY HISPANIC