Seattle Channel tells the South Park Bridge story

Seattle Channel‘s “Inside/Out” show focuses this time on the South Park Bridge, its impending closure, and the community members who hope it won’t be as devastating as their fear. You can watch the entire program in the video window above (or you can watch it this week on the Seattle Channel, if you have it on your cable system).


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2 Responses to “Seattle Channel tells the South Park Bridge story”

  1. I live in South Park and I realize that the bridge needs to be shut down immediately, but it needed to be replaced decades ago. I wonder if bridges in the north end of the city are allowed to deteriorate so far. The city council and state officials seem to think that the South Park bridge will not have a major affect on city traffic patterns. It will be a big mess for years.

  2. Even though I live in unincorporated King
    County,unfortunately, Comcast turned OFF my
    access to The Seattle Channel on March 16, 2010.
    I used to watch lots of items on The Seattle Channel.