Seattle annexation proposal on Wednesday’s Highland Park Action Committee agenda

The West Seattle neighborhood closest to White Center, Highland Park, has its community association meeting tomorrow night – Highland Park Action Committee, 7 pm at HP Improvement Club HQ. HPAC chair Dan Mullins sent around an agenda update and we noticed the annexation proposal is among the discussion items. Mullins says the scheduled guest is Mark Ufkes of the White Center Homeowners Association. On other topics, Seattle Parks and police reps are expected too.

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5 Responses to “Seattle annexation proposal on Wednesday’s Highland Park Action Committee agenda”

  1. LOL, how can I join the not so centered home owners association? I’ve tried for years…but no real info on this entity is available. It’s bogas crap, just a title with no leverage! Are the meetings public? NOT! It’s a big myth..oops, mystery. Any how, when the so called entity is truely open to the White Center Community Residents let me know, I would love to attend one of their meetings to learn more about their organization and how they operate for the good of the White Center Home Owners. Maybe this blog could provide a little more info on the organization they write about, ey – it would be helpful to know.

  2. I hope someone will ask Mr Ufkes when his so called WC Homeowners Assoc. meets, and how many members belong to it.
    Many of us who are homeowners have attempted to get that information, but seemed to NOT be welcome if we disgree with Mr Ufkes on local issues. Apparently the meetings, is any, are secret.
    Thank you.

  3. Folks, it’s a sham. Ufkes has been touting his “WC Homeowners association” since annexation was first discussed over six years ago. Aside from him and MAYBE a couple of other pro-Seattle people, there’s nothing more there.

    There was another group called the Boulevard Park Study Group that was also a sham group. This “group” was pro incorporation/pro-Seattle (but mostly anti-Burien), and was essentially run by one gal (Claire Henson–I believe). It is been defunct for quite awhile now. She was known for crying at council meetings, and becoming highly emotional, often touting the City of Burien as the “Butchers of Boulevard Park” for “splitting” Boulevard park up.

  4. Response from the White Center Homeowners Association

    We had four members of the White Center Homeowners Association at the HPAC meeting. Actually, the White Center Homeowners Association is a group of residents who all support Seattle annexation of White Center. We formed the organization over four years ago and we are registered with the state. We have over 25 members. If you support Seattle annexation of White Center, you can join our group. Send me a letter statiing that you support Seattle annexation of White Center, and you will be placed on our email list. If you don’t support Seattle annexation of White Center, start your own group. And be assured, I am not going to ridicle you on a blog site using only my first name.

    And of course, if any of you want to debate me in a public setting about annexation and its various complex issues, use your full name, bring 100 people together and lets each present our case. Or are you the type who likes to sit back in the quiet corner spewing ridicule towards those you do not agree with. Sounds like Republican talk radio.

    Mark Ufkes, President
    White Center Homeowners Association

  5. Bill Stewart Says:

    I have known Mark Ufkes for more than 30 years, both as a colleague, a neighbor, and proud to say, as a friend. Year after year, he has proven himself a bright, articulate, broad minded and forward thinking leader in his community. He has selflessly devoted countless hundreds of hours for the betterment of his community with little personal reward beyond the satisfaction of knowing that he has made positive difference.
    Judging by the anonymous one-name-only hit-n-run tactics of recent posters on this blog, it sounds like somebody’s afraid of him. And judging by the few points they’ve claimed, and Mark’s spot-on response, they probably should be.
    Mark Ufkes is a great neighbor, a respected leader in this community and a very capable advocate. Those who know him also know that any cause that he takes up is probably the right one.