Something you’ll be deciding in the New Year: Library levy lid lift

About a month into the New Year – February 9, 2010, to be exact – you’ll be voting on a levy-lid lift for the King County Library System. Without it, KCLS says, it’ll have to cut at least 10 percent across the board. If it passes, taxes for a home worth $400,000 will go up about $32. According to library info, this is operations money, not construction money (notable given the Puget Sound Park controversy).


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2 Responses to “Something you’ll be deciding in the New Year: Library levy lid lift”

  1. I certainly hope the KCLS has the dispute over Puget Sound Park cleared up by February 9 or I will encourage everyone to vote no on the levy. KCLS has shown that they operate without informing the public when they did not disclose their plans to close the White Center and the Boulevard Park branches. We need to reign in the KCLS Board and let them know they should not operate like the Port Commissioners.

  2. To bad they took away the ballet drop box from
    in front of the White Center library.
    The county is telling you something.