Should We Take Susan Hutchison Seriously: Editorial by Ricardo A. Guarnero

Given that White Center, Boulevard Park and surrounding areas are governed directly by King County, the choice of King County Executive should be taken very seriously.  The two candidates are Susan Hutchison and Dow Constantine.  Constantine is a fixture of West Seattle and White Center politics, so he is a known commodity.  Not so, Susan Hutchison, who hails from the East Side of the County.  Candidate Hutchison has run a “feel good” campaign, emphasizing her position to “bring people together.”  Her website’s issues page contains four short paragraphs, with the following priorities:

Jobs & the Economy:

Susan will help give small businesses the tools they need to create jobs…

Improve Transportation:

Susan will quickly implement simple changes to encourage transit ridership…

Budget Reform:

Susan will identify waste and restructure the budget to ensure our tax dollars are being spent effectively.

Protect Our Environment.

Susan will forge partnerships between environmental, labor and business groups as we work toward our common goal…

That’s it folks, Susan Hutchison’s platform for managing one of the biggest governmental entities in the country. In her defense, it might be said that she is offering as much detail as the two lightweights who are currently vying to be Seattle’s next mayor.  But then, that’s not much of a complement.

I will forthrightly state that I do not like Ms. Hutchison’s right-wing politics and that on that basis alone, she should be disqualified for the position.  Seattle and King County residents are a tolerant, liberal community.  To have a George Bush conservative speaking for us, just does not sit well.  But what about her competence?

Ms. Hutchison has never held public office.  She has never had to struggle with the political realities of governing a complex political entity whose ambits include not only roads and sewers but social services, neighborhoods and law enforcement.  It is difficult to see how her experience on the board of the Seattle Symphony prepared her, in the slightest way, for such a weighty role.

I often disagreed with former King County Executive, Ron Sims, but I found him thoughtful, intelligent and most importantly, quite knowledgeable on any issue relating to his role as Executive of the very large and expansive King County.  On the issue of affordable housing, we know nothing as to where Hutchison stands?  Does she support the Greenbridge and High Point housing/community developments?  If so, on what basis?  If not, why not?  Where does she stand on the issue of incorporation which raises the hackles of so many of White Center’s residents?

And what of her experience dealing with communities of color or economically distressed areas?  How does her “bringing people together” chirp really address the many challenges that White Center faces?  The fact is, nothing in her background begins to give her a serious understanding of White Center or similar communities.  There is no on-the-job training for such issues.  And Ms. Hutchison has given no indication that she even remotely cares about such issues.  In the end, Hutchison is what she was in her prior role as newscaster, a pretty face with a vacuous resume.

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22 Responses to “Should We Take Susan Hutchison Seriously: Editorial by Ricardo A. Guarnero”

  1. Have you directed any of your opinions or concerns to her? Really, if you don’t ask you won’t know and to base a vote on not knowing would be strange in my opinion.

    I’m ready for a change, of course maybe it’s because I ask about issues I care about. Vote for change, at the very least, inquire about issues and get answers before you decide. Go Susan! You have my vote.

  2. Have you? If so, you could help us to put some meat on the scrappy bones that “Go Susan” has heaped our way. What, for instance, is her position on annexation? We know that she thinks sheriffs’ deputies should be out shooting dogs, what else do you wish to share about “Go Susan?” We are clearly hungry for substance, so help us Sara.

    In any event, better people than I have tried to get her to articulate substantive positions on issues, with nothing to show for their efforts. I seriously doubt that she would take the time to answer queries from a writer for a hyper-local blog filled with people who, don’t look like they belong in Bellevue. Prove me wrong.

  3. Hi Ricardo,
    I for one would never respond to the questions you ask of from another’s political position. Their interpretation might present a different one than mine when expressing it, and I would not want to accidentally misquote anyone. When seeking public office, it is their responsibility to answer questions. I am not Susan’s campaign manager. When seeking information, it’s your responsibility to ask, and to ask the correct person.

    None of these really even matters anyhow, your biases are all ready presented in your blurb about her.

    You had asked about Susan’s position on affordable housing, huh? Where do you think it will fit in Seattle? Take a good look around you. Seattle is developer’s gone wild, building upon buildings. There is no more room in Seattle period!

    Shooting Dog’s? Get real – you have facts to back that up? I highly doubt it.

    Based on her political platform and wanting change, because she does answer questions on topics when asked, Susan has my vote! I like the answers she provided. Business as Usual has to go. White Center has suffered enough and we need change.

    Ask for yourself and do not depend on second hand information about some one. I would recommend that no one base a vote on that and ask for your answers.

    Ricardo, you didn’t answer my question. Have you contacted Susan yourself? I highly doubt that too and of course why would you; you have too many biases already presented here.

    Is this just an attempt to smear Susan without any real intentions of getting answers? In my opinion there is no substance to anything you had to say on this issue.

  4. I have taken the liberty of sending the link to this post to Susan Hutchison. I really don’t know about her or her beliefs at all so I am hoping she will respond.

  5. Left wing, right wing, liberal, conservative, up or down, Susan Hutchison is so clearly unqualified to hold this position that it should be obvious to anyone.

  6. Do not be fooled by her TV anchor polish, Susan Hutchison is a nightmare. She is hiding a far right political agenda (ans when was the last time anyone on the far right helped the constituents of White Center?) and as far as her “feel good bringing people together” story is concerned, she was instruaental in creating an atmosphere of dicontent and animosity at the Symphony today between players an management that is unparalelled.

  7. Ivan is right. This is a non partisan race, all that matters is having someone who can actually do something!! That’s why we need Dow.

  8. I am dumbstruck by the vicious personal assaults on Susan Hutchison by so-called “liberals” like Ricardo Guarnero. What does he know about Susan? How can he make these assumptions? Does he possess magic powers to peer into Susan’s mind.

    The liberal hypocrisy in Seattle is so jaw-dropping it boggles the mind.

  9. You pretty much get what you pay for if you vote for a former “news” caster. We can only hope that the local voters have more sense.

  10. What I find most fascinating about the replies from Hutchison’s supporters is their failure to answer the basic question posed by my post: What qualifies Susan Hutchison to be King County Executive. Instead we get Rovian ad hominem attacks on the messenger. If you think Hutchison is qualified for the position tell us why. “Vicious personal assaults,” Gregg? Grow up.

  11. No one is attacking you, get real. Just because someone doesn’t agree with you Ricardo doesn’t mean you are under attack. The only one being attacked here is Susan, and really it’s not cool. Responses labled rovian and hominem aren’t either.

    You don’t answer questions asked by others here on this blog, so what’s your point. Refer to my earlier post to get your answers and contact Susan for yourself.

  12. Sara, Give me one example of a policy position that you cited on behalf of Hutchison? I spelled out the vacumn that is her policy page.

    As for attacks, just read your emails and that of Gregg. Now, why don’t you try and be civil and address the issues I raised in my post.

    As I said to Gregg, grow up. Give us some substance, like what are her positions on ANYTHING besides empty campaign slogans.

  13. Susan can give you her positions herself, just contact her.

    At least you are being civil now and removed your comment about her directing law enforcement to shoot dogs!

  14. I am tired of politics as usual. When I heard that Susan Hutchison was not a politician, she instantly got my vote. What has Dow given us besides a lot of promises and a huge budget deficit? What makes you think he will suddenly do anything about the huge deficit in King County when he did nothing about it as a councilman. The people of Unincorporated King County need a change. The county does not want us anymore and Dow was right there doing nothing about it when the whole process began. Ron Sims was a disaster for the unincorporated areas and things will not change if we get Dow. The best thing that can happen for us is to get Malahan as mayor and Hutchison as Executive.

  15. Well Grover, I disagree with your characterization of things but voting for the stupidest of all choices is hardly a solution. Voting for Hutchison cause she is not “a politician” is tantamount to saying that you would vote for anyone, other than Dow, cause they are clowns and clowns, well they make us happy. A recipe for children’s parties but not for serious governance. Good luck with that Grover — I think you had the same opinion of George Bush, you know the dimwit that got us into the Iraq War, cause well it was a clownish thing to do. 4000 plus American lives later, well maybe it’s time to take politics seriously. Forgive me if I don’t agree with Malahan and Hutchison as serious candidates given that they are … well clowns.

  16. Well, Sara, sorry to disappoint you by being “civil”, although that is not how I would characterize Hutchison’s partisans. All I can say is that it’s been a long week and my partner is seriously PMS, so my snark factor is low. But, please feel free to send me an incendiary, unsubstantiated post and I will promise to respond in kind. Then again you could send me an intelligent, substantiated post which would require me to actually…uh… consider my reply — you know think. Now that would be novel. Give it a try.

  17. By and by, Hutchison partisans, still waiting for her to reply to my criqiue. Come on Sue, you must have some- well … positions … on things.

  18. Give it up, Ricardo. They won’t answer you because they don’t know what Hutchison’s positions are on any issue of County policy.

    They don’t know because Hutchison doesn’t know. She doesn’t know because she has no qualifications to run the 14th-largest county government in the country. None. None whatever.

    All her supporters can say is stuff like “Well, WE’RE dissatisfied, so it must be Dow’s fault.” Or “Oh, there’s a deficit because those d-d liberals spent too much.” As if there wasn’t a nationwide recession or something.

    In contrast, Dow Constantine has represented the White Center area and parts beyond as State Representative, State Senator, and now County Council Member. I have never been better represented by any single elected official in the 43 years I have lived in King County WA.

    Dow has always been responsive and forthcoming with information. He has helped when possible and if not possible, always gave a good explanation of why not. He and his staff always follow through.

    Susan Hutchison is not qualified to be County Executive by any stretch of the imagination. If people want to support her because they identify with conservatives and she is a conservative, that’s their business. But they don’t get away with trying to scam the rest of us that she is qualified to perform the duties of this high-level position.

    Dow Constantine, on the other hand, will be a great County Executive, and people in White Center should make sure that everyone with a ballot votes for him.

  19. People who have had to deal with Dow on a regular basis are fed up with his promises. I can see how well we are doing with Dow. I love swimming at the Evergreen Pool. Oh I forgot, it’s closed. Puget Sound Park on 126th and 1st Ave. South was being put up for bid to contractors for low income housing. It was only when the dedicated people at NHUAC contacted KOMO 4 news and Mike Martin (Buien City Manager) and put Dow on the spot that the park was saved.
    Now Dow in his latest political retoric is telling us how he is saving the Evergreen Pool. He has little or nothing to do with it. It is Rachel Levine and the citizens of North Highline scrapping to save the pool who will be eventually successful.
    Dow may look like he is doing a lot but he is taking credit for other peoples work and that is pure political. He can hardly do a decent job at being a councilman. I certainly don’t want him for executive.
    People of White Center don’t need all of their parks closed and they certainly don’t need to be treated like second class citizens and told “You better hurry up and get annexed because we are cutting your services”
    Maybe we do need a conservative this time.

  20. White Center needs a conservative like firefighters need arson. If you think Susan Hutchison gives a rip about White Center, about anyone in it, or about your pools, I have an oceanfront lot in Nebraska to sell you.

  21. Ivan, you say that we know nothing about Susan and that she is an unknown commodity and yet you think you know how she feels about White Center. Did she tell you something she did not tell me, or are you just spouting off as usual.

  22. Actually, Grover, I did NOT say that we know nothing about Susan, or that she is an unknown quantity. I said she is not qualified to be County Executive, and I stand by that. She is NOT QUALIFIED, and nothing her supporters, like you, have said on this thread will make her qualified.

    Go ahead and like her. We get that you like her. Go ahead and vote for her. It’s your business. Just don’t tell us she’s qualified, because she isn’t.