Friday night stabbing in downtown White Center

We got a question about this not long after it happened but didn’t have official information till today. King County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Sgt. John Urquhart confirms there was a stabbing downtown on Friday night. Here’s his account of what deputies found out:

The stabbing occurred in front of Brewsky’s on Friday, Sept. 11th about 11:00 PM, 9636 16th SW. We responded to a 9-1-1 call and found the victim covered in blood a short distance away for the bar. He was somewhat incoherent but conscious. However he was uncooperative as to details of the stabbing and even where it occurred. He would not tell us who stabbed him. We also spoke to several patrons of Brewsky’s. All were moderately to severely intoxicated with varying accounts of the event.

The victim is 39 years old from Kent, and the suspect is in his mid-30’s, a black male. This apparently was a mutual fight that led to a stabbing. No arrests and no suspect.

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One Response to “Friday night stabbing in downtown White Center”

  1. Scary…. I think we should have a “come to White Center Day” soon. It will be good for businesses like Full Tilt and Proletariat Pizza, otherwise, people won’t want to come up there.