Proletariat Pizza update: You’ll have to wait one more week

The new pizza joint in downtown White Center, whose impending arrival was first reported here on WCN, is pushing back the planned opening date one week – they’re now projecting Friday, September 18th, according to word from co-owner Stefanie. P.S. As Bayou notes in comments, they’ve got a website started now at


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4 Responses to “Proletariat Pizza update: You’ll have to wait one more week”

  1. Looks like they have a website now too! I’m really looking forward to trying it out.

  2. Good catch! I meant to look. I will add that to the WSB blurb too.

  3. Again, Josh said it best: Pol Pot. Are you folks actually thinking about the community? Whereas I personally find the concept great, I have neighbors in WC that had to escape a murderous regime…think on it, okay?

    *shakes head* Cultural incompetency here.

  4. I agree, Josh does have it right and what an insult to my family that has been here since the early 80’s. Unfortunately my grandfather didn’t make it here as that regime Luis speaks of murdered him violently according to my grandmother who still cries about it to this day. Thanks Josh and Luis for taking the time to state what you have. Some people really have no clue or sensitivity to cultural experiences that they have never experienced.

    Pure arrogance with the choice to words is the key. Some talk about how they love the diversity of WC, yet in turn with choice of language completely disrespects the very diversity that’s here.