Final results in the North Highline South Annexation vote

King County certified the final results of the August 18 election today, and here’s how the annexation measure ended up:

FOR ANNEXATION 1380 55.56%

39.5% of voters in the area turned in their ballots. The election, Evergreen Pool, and more are bound to be part of the discussion tomorrow night at the next meeting of the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council, 7 pm, North Highline Fire District HQ. And the next meeting of the Burien City Council – for those who will soon be Burien residents without even moving – is Monday, Sept. 14.

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3 Responses to “Final results in the North Highline South Annexation vote”

  1. Sorry, but does this mean that White Center is now a part of Burien?

  2. North of 112th-116th (see the map):

  3. The annexation won’t become official until early in 2010, most likely in March. During the next several months, Burien city staff will be working on transitional issues, such as planning and zoning in the annexation area and determining the size of staff needed to serve North Highline. The contract with the King County Sheriff’s Office taking in the new City area will need to be renegotiated. Other special districts serving North Highline including sewer, water, fire and schools will not be affected by the annexation.