Heat Waves Kill: Take Precautions!

In the Northwest we are not used to prolonged heat.  As such, we are unprepared to take measures to stay healthy under such conditions.  Cliff Mass puts it succintly:

Anyway, this is a very serious weather event, and the National Weather Service has upped their predictions to the century mark. People don’t think about heat waves in the same vain as storms, but heat kills more people around the world. So drink lots of liquids and check on the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable. Another risk is for kids in sports camps, where heat prostration can strike even the young. I am going to bike to work as usual, but will go early and my route is in the trees.


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One Response to “Heat Waves Kill: Take Precautions!”

  1. Dont forget the doggies and all the little critters , they too need fresh cold water and a splash of H2O.
    stay safe :)