Reminder: Less than 3 weeks till White Center History Tour!

While out and about covering 4th of July activities on Saturday, we stopped by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society membership picnic at the Log House Museum in West Seattle, and got a reminder about the White Center History Tour – first mentioned here on June 13, and now less than three weeks away – July 25, 10:30 am-noon. An hour and half during which you’ll get decades of knowledge! See you there.


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4 Responses to “Reminder: Less than 3 weeks till White Center History Tour!”

  1. This is a great opportunity! I am definitely going to be there!

  2. My family moved into the W/C area in 1953. If you have any questions or if I can help with the history tour, e-mail me @
    I moved from W/C to W/S in ’73, then to Vashon in ’74 and Ca. where I live now in ’98.
    Building of Chief Sealth High School
    All the bars and fights outside on the sidewalks @ night especially on W/Ends. It was common to see men handcuffed to telephone poles by the cops awaiting transportation for the brawlers to jail or time to cool off.
    Building of the Red Shield Youth Club
    When W/C was the only place to shop with small business owners like Joe jaffee, shoes. Kremans dime store, Roxbury Furniture, 88 cent store, Epicure and Buseys Rest. Grants “Rocket” Gas STation, Avalon Auto Sales S. of the Chubby and Tubby Store that sold V/W’s When the Safeway Store was in the Chubby and Tubby store on 16th and Roxbury. The list goes on. White Center was in those days was frequented by whites as were the w/c projects. High Point by the blacks. There was racial descrimination in those days on both sides by the way. Neighbors knew each other and would help one another. Kids played with neighbor kids and walked to school together. There was no such thing bussing in those days. I went to Highland Park School- what a great place. Mant fond memories of growing up there.

  3. Where can I find more info on this tour? The web address for the Southwest Seattle Historical Society ( doesn’t seem to be working.

  4. What more are you looking for? We can ask some folks, but I don’t think they had anything extra on the website in the first place.