White Center for the Arts reveals location for next “art event”

They announced the event before the location … but tonight, the latter was revealed – this is Saturday night, by the way:

Location Revealed!!!

This month’s Art EVENT,
brought to you by

White Center for the Arts,

Will be at 9639 16th Ave SW.

Yes, once again, and for the last time,

The Ole Skate Rink
White Center, WA

From 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM

For questions and information, please call



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3 Responses to “White Center for the Arts reveals location for next “art event””

  1. Any update on that “big announcement” that was supposed to be coming on the fate of the skate rink? Obviously, the art group was unsuccessful in securing the building.

  2. Yes, sorry about the confusion. Please check out the website for the list of artists. Big Al’s will be represented, and we will be having two bands, one of them will be Tin Can Tobacco Band!

    Come down and celebrate ART in White Center!!!

  3. Bayou, I just got some details from Justin @ Full Tilt which I will be adding to a blurb about today’s ice-cream promotion and tonight’s art event. Long story short, they couldn’t work out a deal with the owners, the building went up for auction this past week, Justin says, nobody bid, and now nonprofits may just get the chance to buy it at a better price than what they were offering.