Followup: White Center Community Development Association’s award

Followup to our report earlier this week about White Center Community Development Association getting a $5,000 award from the Seattle mayor’s office, which will be used for business-district branding: The mayor’s office just shared this photo of WCCDA’s Karen Veloria accepting the check from Mayor Nickels at the awards-announcement event in Columbia City yesterday.


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6 Responses to “Followup: White Center Community Development Association’s award”

  1. Why does White Center need branding, and how will this impact the neighborhood?

  2. I too wonder why branding is needed. Instead, it would be nice if the WCCDA hired someone to recruit businesses to fill up some of the empty storefronts in White Center.

    I have to say that I’m pretty appalled that the City of Seattle will give the WCCDA $5,000 for “branding”, but doesn’t give any money to the White Center Food Bank to help feed hungry people. Approximately 1/3 of the clients of the White Center Food Bank live in the city limits of Seattle. Something is really wrong with the priorities of the leaders in the City of Seattle and how decisions are made on what to do with taxpayers money.

  3. I agree, could’ve went to the food bank or homeless programs to help people in the community. Why all the publicity now? Seattle has been giving them money for years and alot of it, check out the funders for the past 5 years. Circles and circles of non-profits feeding each other on Seattle City tax payers money! Hmm…he must want something.

  4. Nothing particularly nefarious here. We weren’t covering White Center news this time last year – WCN started last August. We’re on the mayor’s office list because of West Seattle Blog so when they sent this list around the other day and we saw WCCDA on it as well as the West Seattle Chamber, we posted a mention here. The mayor’s office also offered to send photos to news orgs that couldn’t be at the Columbia City event – so we said, hey, we’d love to have a pic of the WCCDA presentation so we can post on WCN (we knew the WS chamber rep wasn’t there so didn’t get that pic). Continuing to try to pay closer attention to every little thing that comes up; even if it’s been going on for years, maybe it wasn’t covered much before (that happens to us in our WS coverage a lot too). Thanks for the context! – TR

  5. Hi everyone, We’re happy to talk about our plans for bringing more shoppers into the business district for White Center business- a proven way to keep empty storefronts from occuring and for bringing more visibility to the community…This grant was funded by the Office of Economic Development- city of Seattle so it focused on our business district. Contact us!! 206-694-1082

  6. Cool,
    That was said about the new/old DSHS office now about getting new business in there to bring more shoppers and it’s the majority of the lower space is still vacant because the rents are too high! If the plans end up like the one for DSHS, we will just have more empty storefronts. I would suggest going back to the drawing board on that one and correct the issues before moving on to a new project creating more empty store fronts that no one can afford.