Newest developments in the fight to save Evergreen Pool

Two advocates for keeping Evergreen Pool open, veteran Cyril Miller and North Highline firefighter Ed Marrs, are pleading their case with King County Council leaders today, according to this story, which says they’ll be meeting with County Council Chair Dow Constantine and Councilmember Larry Phillips this afternoon. Evergreen Pool remains slated for shutdown after the end of next month unless either the county finds more money or a community coalition figures out how to take it over.

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3 Responses to “Newest developments in the fight to save Evergreen Pool”

  1. Dow Constantine Says:

    I had a very good meeting today with supporters of saving the Evergreen Pool (Cyril Miller, Rachael Levine, Joe Schwiger, and Sarah Welch). I am working with the 34th District legislators and these community members to convene a strategy meeting soon to discuss ways to find short-term and long-term funding solutions for the pool. I will keep White Center Now posted on further developments.

  2. Save our pools! Says:

    It is Joel Schweiger not Joe Schwiger. How can I believe that you are working your hardest to keep Evergreen open when you do not know the names of the people you are working with?

    This pool is very important to the community it serves and closing it is just another blow to a population with very little as it is. The lack of public forum on this subject makes it seem like you are just trying to quietly shove Evergreen out the back door.

    I know WWA is working very hard to come up with ways to help fund the pool but with SO LITTLE notice it is difficult to get things done in time. At LEAST give it 6 months. If you don’t, again, it seems like you are trying to shove Evergreen under the rug…quietly.

  3. Cut the management waste Says:

    1 upper level Parks management position saves the pool for a whole community. Parks is way too management top heavy.