More White Center Spring Clean Photos

Dig these cool binister designs by Kim McCarthy.

Kim at work

Kim at work


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6 Responses to “More White Center Spring Clean Photos”

  1. Thank you for posting this Ricardo! you can see more pix here

  2. Wow. Those look great!

  3. Those are very cool-do you do the designs on anything else?

  4. Those look great – good job,
    but on a another note – who do we call to get them fixed when they get tagged? Seriously, people like to draw on them!

  5. These are GORGEOUS! What a great event! It will be great to see these wonderful, colorful pieces of art every day in WC. Thank you Kim and everyone who made them possible.

  6. Kim was at Cafe Rozella and got her latte before starting her day on Saturday She was telling me what she was going to do, WOW! they turned out Awesome, were will the be in White Center? I hope that we get one close to Cafe Rozella they just tuned out wonderful,I like them all, do each of them have a name.