King County Sheriff’s Deputy hurt en route to White Center burglary

Just in from Sgt. John Urquhart of the King County Sheriff’s Office:

A Sheriff’s deputy was injured about 2:15 AM this morning (May 15th) when his police car went off the road, down an embankment and struck a tree.

The deputy was headed to an in-progress burglary in the White Center area. At the time of the accident he was northbound on Des Moines Memorial Drive in the 10000 block. The roadway was closed until about 9:00 AM.

The deputy, age 30, has been with the Sheriff’s Office for just over 1½ years. He is assigned to the City of Burien.

When the deputy’s car went off the roadway it took down a part of the cyclone fence along the edge of the sidewalk. One of the fence rails went through the vehicle windshield and impaled the shoulder harness the deputy was wearing. The harness ended up around the deputy’s neck and he was unconscious when found.

Three residents of the neighborhood ran to the accident after hearing the crash, and a passing deputy in route to the same White Center call stopped. They were able to pull out the smashed windshield and pole, likely saving the life of the deputy.

It took the fire department about ½ hour to extradite the deputy from his vehicle, and they had to cut off the top of the car to do so. He was taken to Harborview Hospital and is in serious but stable condition.

The cause of the accident is still under investigation.


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