And then the horse showed up

Just our day for pictures.  The stalls, which house, the SPD horses are actually just east of White Center.  But it’s rare that they do patrols around White Center.  This one’s a beauty.

SPD patrol on horse

SPD patrol on horse

SPD horse on patrol in front of Cafe Rozella

SPD horse on patrol in front of Cafe Rozella

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4 Responses to “And then the horse showed up”

  1. Now that’s a way to get some community outreach going – more horses!

  2. That particular horse’s name is Harvest. The officer is a friend of mine. The Mounted Patrol rocks…make sure the new Chief of Police knows you value them……or they may be the victims of budget cuts.

  3. I would love to see the mounted patrol more often in White Center. What a way to change the perception that many have of the police. Not to mention it isn’t a bad way to get a handle on what is really going on in our area.

  4. It works for NOLA, why not White Center?! I, too, would love to see more mounted officers in the area and I agree that it would be a positive way to outreach to the community.