Scatt (the attack-survivor cat) out of the hospital

This update just in from Pasado’s Safe Haven regarding Scatt, the Cross Church cat that survived a vicious attack:

Scatt reunited with Jennifer the Pastor’s wife

We are so happy to announce that Scatt was released from vet care Thursday, April 28th and is now living with The Cross Church Pastor and his Wife at their home.

“Scatt is home and doing well… He is “perched” near a window, where he can see out and have the sunshine on his stitches. He has had antibiotics, pain meds and warm packs -doing great- he also is eating and drinking a lot… AMEN!”

Meantime, Scatt’s accused attacker is due in court this Wednesday. Full details, and a new photo, on the Pasado’s Safe Haven website.

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2 Responses to “Scatt (the attack-survivor cat) out of the hospital”

  1. I am so glad scat is doing better. I am keeping him in my thoughts and prayers for a long and full life.

  2. My heart goes out to this kitty. Thanks for posting the update and I am so glad that Scatt is mending.