Arlington Northwest by Ron Richardson

Arlingto Northwest Memorial at Greenlake

Arlingto Northwest Memorial at Greenlake

Arlington Northwest Memorial was set up Sunday, April 19 to honor Spc. Chris Dickison of White Center and 4,273 other American men and women who have given their lives in Iraq.

The memorial was set up along the lakeside at Green Lake in Seattle.  About 50 volunteers arrived at 7 am to set up the display which will stand for one day only. The sponsors of the event are Veterans For Peace, Chapter 92 and the Evergreen Peace and Justice Community. Many of these volunteers were veterans who served in Vietnam. From time to time they have set up the memorial of small crosses and headstones arrayed as they would be at Arlington National Cemetery in our nation’s capital. These volunteers have set up the Arlington Northwest Memorial at various places around the State of Washington over recent years.

A handout prepared by one of the volunteers answers the question: Why do we continue to erect this Arlington Northwest display?

Memorial to Chris Dickinson of White Center

Memorial to Chris Dickinson of White Center

We must strengthen our resolve to maintain Arlington Northwest as a loving, though painful, memorial. It honors those who died.  It acknowledges the shattered lives and dreams of their friends and loved ones.  It reminds us all of the immesuarable losses and suffering associated with war.  It allows those of us who erect it to hope that if we continue to confront our fellow citizens with this accounting, the reality of this war’s horrendous costs will change their hearts and minds…….. Karen”

The walkers, joggers, and bicyclists who work their way around Green Lake on Sunday were given something to contemplate as they moved on their way through a sunny day. It gives all of us something to think about.

Chris Dickison was killed in 2005. Here’s a video tribute to him, posted on You Tube:


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