A message from the sheriff

As we reported late last fall, some of the most dramatic cuts proposed for King County public-safety services were avoided (the “storefronts” will all stay open, including the ones in White Center and Boulevard Park, for example) – but the budget ax hasn’t quite finished making its cuts yet – so this e-mail message from County Sheriff Sue Rahr may be of interest:

hope you are wrapping up a warm and safe holiday season. Now, more
than ever, we can reflect on the past year with a greater appreciation
for what we have. The economy has wavered amidst recession and many
have lost their jobs. These are tough times. But, despite it all, we
remain a strong nation with a fundamental understanding of what matters
most: our health and well-being and the safety of our loved ones. I
sincerely hope that this year you are able to enjoy time with friends
and family. I wish you a joyous and safe new year.

This is also an opportunity for me to thank everyone who showed their
support for the criminal justice system in King County during the past
few months. With a looming budget deficit of over $93 million, many of
you wrote letters, attended public meetings, and let Executive Sims and
the King County Council know that citizens’ most basic public service
needs must be met. The Council faced a difficult task to balance the
County’s budget. Public input was critical to help develop priorities.
I’m very pleased that the Council added over 2 million dollars back into
our budget as a result of citizen input.

We still face great challenges with nearly $8 million in cuts remaining.
If you have any thoughts about how we can improve our services in light
of greatly reduced resources, please feel free to send me an e-mail at


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