Cafe Rozella Wants to Thank Our Wonderful Patrons

Cafe Rozella, White Center’s hub and coffee house, wants to thank all our wonderful patrons for making 2008 our best year and for electing Barack Obama, President of the U.S.

We look forward to better times.  We cannot pass this opportunity to give thanks to: Mike the artist, mike the mechanic, mike the longshoreman, little mike and big mike, Cherrie, Onion, Eric the Swede, Joan, Carlos, Eduardo, Bill, Bill and Bill, Robert, Aileen, Laura, Jorge, Argelia, Paige, Eric, Vassily, Carmen, Flora, Sim, Chica, Jason, Anne, Jeremy, Austin, Ron, Gabrielle, Athena, Chad and Tracy, Andrew and Moe, Jessica, David, David and David, Ruth, Ringo, Paul, John, Maury, Rob, Gary, Gary and Marjorie, Jim, and everyone else who contributed to the wonderful community that is White Center and Cafe Rozella.  We love you all.  Truly.


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One Response to “Cafe Rozella Wants to Thank Our Wonderful Patrons”

  1. \o/ \o/ \o/ (applause)

    And your patrons thank YOU for bring the sun back to WC.

    There’s no place like Cafe Rozella! [big smoooochies] :D