Greenbridge Library/Learning Center ribboncutting

That’s County Executive Ron Sims, with brief informal comments about President-Elect Obama‘s victory, during this morning’s dedication of the YWCA Learning Center and new King County Library branch at Greenbridge. Here are the kids to whom he referred — White Center Heights Elementary School students who sang “Library Boogie” at the event:

As for the actual ribboncutting, we’ll add that visual in a bit. Meantime, you are welcome at an open house at the new facility, happening all day long, with special events including Story Time for kids 2-6, 1:45-2:45 pm. It’s in the 9700 block of 8th SW, just south of Roxbury (map).

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One Response to “Greenbridge Library/Learning Center ribboncutting”

  1. Yay! A library within walking distance of my house! That almost completes it: grocery stores, drug stores, church, library, parks, restaurants and fun shops all within walking distance. The only thing that my old hood in Ballard has on us now is a movie theatre and a fabric store. I will patiently wait…