White Center Food Bank needs urgent help

This is also posted at our partner site West Seattle Blog; we don’t make a habit out of crossposting verbatim (instead, we will link back and forth occasionally when warranted), but this is urgent – White Center Food Bank serves both areas – so here’s the note we just got from WCFB executive director Rick Jump:

Our numbers are up (way up) and donations are down. We are currently experiencing critical shortages of food which will begin to impact services in the next week or two. Our inventories are shrinking fast and we need almost all types of non-perishable food. Canned fruits and vegetables, soups, tuna, cereal, dry variety foods such as Hamburger Helper, Rice-a-Roni and Mac & Cheese are especially needed at this time.


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One Response to “White Center Food Bank needs urgent help”

  1. I posted this on WSB as well but The Community School of West Seattle is collecting food from its families next week hoping to fill the school director’s van up. It would be great to have an overflowing van full of food for those in need in the community.