In Search of the Great Burrito: The Best Vietnamese Sandwich in WC

Ok, so I promised sometime back to do a rundown of all the great places where you can get a Vietnamese Sandwich, which, next to Ramen, is the poor student’s sustenance.  There are as many Vietnamese Sandwich shops, as there are Pho shops and Asian markets, in White Center – which is to say alot.  So, rather than run down the list, I will share my personal favorite.  For my money, the tastiest Vietnamese Sandwich is, without hesitation, served at Banh 88.  The meat is always excellent, the dressings are fresh and the bread is always toasty fresh.  Load up some Vietnamese garlic hot sauce and you have a piece of heaven for a mere $2.75.  My personal favorite is the barbeque pork sandwich but all the sandwiches, including chicken, beef and vegetarian fare are excellent.  Nikki, the amiable proprietor, is an excellent cook and demands nothing less of her staff.  I have never been disappointed with any meal from Banh 88.  

I must add that besides the Vietnamese Sandwiches, Banh 88 does a full array of great Vietnamese salads, curries and noodle dishes.  This is the place to go with a crowd of people and try everything on the menu.  The curry dishes are likely the best in Seattle.  You can find Banh 88 at 9418 Delridge Way SW (98106), phone 206.768.9767, it is located just south of where Delridge and 17th Ave. SW diverge.  Hours are 11 am to 8:00 p.m.

That said, I invite cognerati to comment on their favorite White Center Sandwich Shop.  

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8 Responses to “In Search of the Great Burrito: The Best Vietnamese Sandwich in WC”

  1. stop you are making me hungry, I will have to go there on my lunch brake for that sandwich, I have tried there noodles and they are fresh some chief told me that they are home made and that you cant get these noodles anywhere, he too lives in the area and said that, the other place that makes noodles like they do is that Wild Ginger on 3rd and union down town. It is nice to know that we in White Center have another Gem in our reach :)

  2. Banh 88 is amazing. I could eat there everyday. The White Center Deli (yellow awning on 16th Ave south of Roxbury, west side of street) also has awesome sandwiches and treats. The family that runs it is kind and helpful, even for those of us that are clueless about Vietnamese cuisine.

  3. Seems really bad form to delete comments here, not because they necessarily fail to comply with site policies, but because they express opinions that offer broader advice on other outlets for this food except the places mentioned here. Are White Center restaurants paying for the reviews here?

  4. Chris,

    Not sure what you mean? Your comment is posted and you are welcome to voice your own opinions. The site does have a policy of moderating comments and allowing only one hyperlink (to stop spam). But generally, you are free to let loose, god knows I do.


  5. I haven’t deleted anything, so I don’t know what’s missing – also, I just checked the spam basket, which does (as on WSB, which also runs on WordPress with Akismet spamcatching) on occasion divert a legitimate comment … nothing in there either.

  6. I had posted a comment here that also recommended the bahn mi at the Saigon Deli in the International District. I was the comment post. But the next time I looked it was gone.

  7. It’s still there. This is the newer thread:

  8. My bad. Sorry to have troubled anyone.