$20 million in federal money confirmed for Park Lake

Announced by U.S. Senator Patty Murray’s office (read the announcement here): $20 million in federal funds confirmed for the King County Housing Authority’s Park Lake II redevelopment project. Murray says the White House had tried to cut the HOPE VI funding that included this money. Here’s a financial breakdown of the nearly $200 million going into Greenbridge. UPDATE: Per comments, King County notes that this portion of Park Lake redevelopment is for a project separate from Greenbridge.

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2 Responses to “$20 million in federal money confirmed for Park Lake”

  1. Rhonda Rosenberg Says:

    The HOPE VI funding awarded to the King County Housing Authority for Park Lake Homes II is for a project separate and distinct from the Greenbridge redevelopment project (formerly Park Lake Homes I). Park Lake Homes II is a sister public housing site, located near the intersection of 111th and 5th Ave. SW in White Center. (Greenbridge is centered along 8th Ave. NW.) The grant announced this weekend will redevelop the Park Lake II public housing site. The plan calls for demolition of 165 public housing units and the redevelopment of the site as housing for 306 families. The housing would include the replacement of all 165 public housing units, as well as 12 additional rental units, 17 affordable homeownership units and 112 market-rate homeownership units. Additional improvements to the site are also expected.

  2. Thanks for the update! Tried to get specifics from the county and senator’s websites over the weekend but couldn’t find them. I’ve updated the copy above and in the meantime we’d appreciate being added to your media list:
    for ongoing project updates!