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Tall Latte at Half-Price – Rush Hour Special 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m.\

Weary commuters, we know what a grind it is to get in your car and join the mad rush to that beloved job. So Cafe Rozella wants to make your commute a little easier. Pull up to Cafe Rozella, jump out of your car and get a tall latte for half the usual price! Just come in before 7:30 am and say, “I want my commuter special!” While supplies last.
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Freebie 2.0 download of the day. If you are like me, as you work at your computer, either on the web or while writing, you run into stuff that you want to save for later or merely want to have around for later use (like a software key, an address or a phone number). If you use gmail, you could email it to yourself but that has its limits. Well there is a tremendous freeware download called Evernote that allows you to record, save, copy and generally memorialize anything on your PC and best of all it syncs with all your computers so if you save something on your laptop while surfing at Cafe Rozella it will be in your Evernote clipboard in your home desktop. The download can be found at: Evernote download.

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La Vida Nueva – Zapotec women’s weaving collective visits Seattle
Monday, September 29th 6pm – 9pm
(9th House: for more info 206.323.4483 or )
Tuesday, September 30th 3pm – 9pm
(Café Rozella: 9434 Delridge Way SW 206.763.5805


La Vida Nueva is a women’s weaving collective in Teotitlan del Valle , Oaxaca Mexico . These Zapotec artisans are continuing their traditional methods of dying, spinning, and weaving wool tapetes (rugs) all by hand. Their work and homeland are internationally acclaimed for the quality of weaving.
Pastora Gutierrez will be representing the 14 women of the collective on this 2008 West Coast Tour. Each stop is an opportunity to create cultural ties with the Zapotec women, as well as learning about the work and community of their cooperative. All the women of La Vida Nueva are independently supporting themselves and their children through the work of the collective.
There are two opportunities in Seattle to meet Pastora and her friend and translator Juanita Rodriguez. These are also opportunities to purchase heirloom quality traditional Zapotec tapetes. This annual selling tour is the main source of income for La Vida Nueva.
La Vida Nueva – la colectividad que teje de las mujeres de Zapotec visita Seattle
Lunes, 29 de septiembre de 6 P.M. – 9pm
(residencia privada: para más Info 206.323.4483 o

Martes 30 de septiembre de 3 P.M. – 9pm
(Café Rozella: 9434 Delridge Way SW 206.763.5805 )
La Vida Nueva es una colectividad que teje de las mujeres en el del Valle, Oaxaca México de Teotitlan. Estos artesanos de Zapotec están continuando sus métodos tradicionales de teňido, de giro, y de tapetes de las lanas que tejen todas a mano. Su trabajo y patria internacionalmente se aclaman para la calidad de tejer.
Pastora Gutiérrez representará a las 14 mujeres de la colectividad en este viaje 2008 de la costa oeste. Cada parada es una oportunidad de crear lazos culturales con las mujeres de Zapotec, así como el aprendizaje sobre el trabajo y la comunidad de su cooperativa. Todas las mujeres del La Vida Nueva se están apoyando independientemente y a sus niños a través del trabajo de la colectividad.
Hay dos oportunidades en Seattle de resolver Pastora y su amigo y traductor Juanita Rodriguez. Éstas son también oportunidades de comprar los tapetes tradicionales de Zapotec de la calidad de la herencia. Esta publicación anual que vende viaje es la fuente de ingresos principal para el La Vida Nueva.


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