North Highline Fire Commissioners discuss backing fireworks ban

White Center Now covered this morning’s North Highline Fire District commissioners’ meeting at NHFD HQ, and several news items emerged. Perhaps the biggest one: Commissioners are looking into sending a letter backing a new county proposal to allow communities (such as White Center and the rest of the unincorporated area) implement fireworks bans. One meeting attendee expressed concern that this might hurt fundraising efforts by local groups that make money from fireworks sales each year. No formal action has been taken so far. The commissioners also discussed a variety of items from annexation to training; more on that in the next post.

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2 Responses to “North Highline Fire Commissioners discuss backing fireworks ban”

  1. It would be nice to have public comment on such issues. Unfortunately, the meetings are held in the morning on a week day. I work like most of the residents in our community and I am unable to attend the meetings. It would be nice if they were held in the evening so that more people had the opportunity to attend so that they are informed about important issues that involve our services that they provide. Tax payers should have the opportunity to be involved in something that they pay for!
    Thank you for your post so that I can be somewhat informed!
    I look forward to the rest of your post.

  2. I also would like to see public meetings held in the evenings. These are important issues to many people in the North Highline Area. I can say that the majority of people in our neighborhood, are against a firework ban. I can also say as tax payers and a strong community of people who have stongly supported this fire station, we all deserve to have our voices heard.
    Thank You