New in White Center: New Traditions – and you’re invited to an open house today

December 9th, 2008 Tracy Posted in Health, How to Help, new traditions, White Center news Comments Off

Across from the Salvation Army building, you’ll find New Traditions – a simple name that doesn’t reveal much about what happens there, or the fact the women who founded it, and opened it in White Center just two months ago, are doing something they say no one else in the Seattle area does: Offering chemical-dependency treatment for female clients, by female providers, while also offering care for their children, in cheery rooms like this one for babies:

New Traditions is accepting new clients, but that’s only part of why they’re inviting people to visit 3-7 pm today (9045 16th SW; here’s a map) – but they also will be happy to meet White Center and West Seattle neighbors who want to know what their work is all about. We visited recently to find out more ourselves, including what the special significance of an all-female setting can be – read on: Read the rest of this entry »

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