UPDATE: Stabbing investigation in White Center

11:07 PM: A man reported to have stab wounds to his face is being treated near 15th and 100th, and deputies are there investigating. They’re still clarifying the circumstances; they’re telling dispatch that the attack might have happened in an apartment complex a few blocks away.

11:14 PM: Deputies have gone to an apartment in that complex, in the 1300 block of SW 100th, and found blood inside. Meantime, the victim will be taken to Harborview Medical Center.

11:59 PM: No further updates so far.

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2 Responses to “UPDATE: Stabbing investigation in White Center”

  1. Things just seem to be utterly out of control lately. It’s a rare night the past couple of weeks that I don’t have sirens screaming by my house.

  2. Elizabeth R Giba-Knowles Says:

    Any update?